Made Up by Shay. is a newsletter written by me, Shay. I started writing mainly because I wanted to better understand myself & to better express my work. These days, I write because my mum couldn’t.

In this newsletter, I share what I learn from the Design & Tech industry, and my experience moving through the world as a non-binary neurodivergent creative person.

Shay Who?

My full name is Shay Ho. I’m a Vietnamese-Australian Product Designer & Consultant, hailing from Eora Nation, better-known as Sydney. I was a child of a cold Sunday morning in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Currently, I'm designing & consulting at 🚀, my own little Product Design Studio. I’m also the curator of MakeStuffUp.Info.

Besides Design, I also practice Digital Art. If that’s your thing, check out my art Instagram.

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I'd like to acknowledge & pay respect to the people of Wallumedegal & Gadigal of the Eora Nation on whose land I live & work.

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Essays on Design, Tech & Everyday Life — written by a non-binary neurodivergent Product Designer.


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