Mac vs. PC: a Designer’s Internal Struggle

But what you use doesn’t matter.

If you Google Mac vs. PC for design purposes, you would find about 18,000,000 results in 0.49 seconds (as of March 2018). This probably is one of the most debated topics in the field, so this is another post about it because why not?


Well, it does, but doesn’t, not really (don’t @ me!). To start your career as a designer, you don’t need an expensive Macbook Pro. To be a good designer (let alone great), you should be able to create your designs with any machine. Mac or Window is only a tool, design is about principles, about skills, about your judgement and decisions. Sure, tools help, but they are not the main thing that will make a good designer.

I started using Windows XP when I was in my teenage years, Mac wasn’t a thing in South East Asia then.

Nowadays, I use both MacOS and Windows for different purposes. PC for video making including editing and motion graphics, and various entertainment activities because it’s more economical and my Macbook for UX design because I like Sketch for this purpose. But if I worked for a company who wouldn’t let me use MacOS for design, I would just use Figma.

Right now, Mac is the standard for the design industry, and PC users are being left on the sideline. But the industry, in my opinion, is evolving so fast that we’ll have better tools every day; namely, upcoming Invision Studio, Figma, Lunacy, XD, they are all available for PC. And you know what, the war Mac vs. PC won’t be over anytime soon, which is a good thing because it benefits us the users.

So why don’t you use your (soft) skills as a designer and adapt to the tools that fit your budget and purposes? Stop whining to your mum and dad so they can buy you a Mac and just simply create.